About the production

Wrongfully condemned and outcast from society, a poor weaver, eaten up with bitterness and anger, becomes a doomed miser and recluse, until he is forced to take in a young orphan girl. Their mutual friendship leads to joy, love and his redemption.

Silas Marner, the great Victorian epic novel, is thrillingly and theatrically brought to the stage by the acclaimed Conn Artists Theatre Company in Autumn 2019. The heart moving action, performed by an ensemble cast of seven actors, will be accompanied by music and songs of the period.

Silas Marner is a GCSE set text on Edexel, WJEC and Eduqas schools examination boards.

“...does the production...faithfully capture the cumulative effect of the novel’s chains of incident and commentary? The answer is that it does.”

(Financial Times on Silas Marner adapted by Geoffrey Beevers)