About the production

Inspired by an address given by J.M. Barrie to the students of St Andrew's University in Scotland 1922, this is an intimate look into the life of the celebrated writer. Instructing the students on how to go about living the "courageous life", Barrie speaks with regards to the heroes that he has known during his lifetime, each an example of courage in the face of adversity. He tells of his youth, of his bed-ridden and emotionally demanding mother, of his career and tragic marriage and of his remarkable friendship with the five Llewelyn Davies boys that would lead to his creation of Peter Pan.

This one-man show, which is written using Barrie's own words, is charming, often moving and truly inspiring! Presented by the same creative team that produced The Importance of Being Oscar for the WOW Festival in 2014 which received a standing ovation!

Ross Muir returns to the stage as J.M Barrie, directed by Mitch Jenkins and designed by Laura Kimber.


J.M Barrie Ross Muir


Director Mitch Jenkins
Designer Laura Kimber
Production Manager / Lighting Design Matthew Pike
Hair & Make-Up / ASM Jessica Barthel
Graphic Design & Illustration Richard Snaith